The top 10 Harlem Shake videos Sports Edition

The Harlem Shake craze/fad/dance is annoying to some but to most it’s an interesting watermark on pop culture as it stands in 2013.

As with anything, athletes are not immune to shaping the culture. These 10 videos represent a cross-section of the most relevant, imaginative and hilarious shakes available.

There are certainly more to come but in the meantime, this is the creme of the crop.

#10 Denver Nuggets

This effort was led by JaVale McGhee and is one of the latest entries into the dance party.

It has all the elements of a classic Harlem Shake routine. It’s starts off with an ambivalent cast of characters and it quickly melts into a furious run of oddball movements and pop culture references.

While not very original, it was executed fairly well and for that it earns the 10 spot.

#9 NFL Draft Prospects

While preparing for the NFL Draft, this group of prospects got together to let it all hang out.

Watch out for Santa Claus and the soccer ball.

#8 Manchester City Soccer Team

Wow. The champs know how to weave international and domestic pop culture references into one hot mess. Whomever that is at the bottom of the rolling cart with the diaper on needs counseling.

#7 Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

These kids got coach Bill Self to draw up the perfect intro play to their dance of the bizarre.

Shout out to the Roman gladiator.

#6 Ferris State Hockey

There is only one thing that matters here. Gumby is in the house.

#5 Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

The first day of spring football yielded this one.

The setup was classic. A spurned player going off as the next play sets up was a smooth intro.

The first act was the best act.

#4 Toronto Raptors

It’s all about the remix. The Raptors provided a 2-for-1 special that was longer and funnier than most.

#3 Oregon Ducks

Watch for the pause and kudos for somebody finally thinking about the feelings of the Kool Aid Man.

#2 Miami Heat

The attention to detail is why the Heat’s shake is easily the most popular on the internet.

LeBron James is in costume as King James. Mario Chalmers is Super Mario, the Bird Man behaves like a bird.

Chris Bosh however failed to embrace his inner dinosaur.

It should have been number one. Except…

#1 UGA Swim Team

The Bulldogs called up Captain Nemo and pulled the trigger on the most creative and most likely the hardest shake video to pull off yet.

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