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Super Bowl 50 Betting Preview - Some Evidence for the Panthers Side

By Charles Jay

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So you say you’re on the fence when it comes to betting Super Bowl 50? Well, maybe we can help you out a little. We are not committing 100% just yet, but, like a good lawyer might, we are going to lay out a case for the Carolina Panthers as they try to complete their dream season with a victory over the Denver Broncos, as the game is being played at 6:30 PM ET at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. Remember that even after the opening kickoff, BetAnySports customers can place their wagers in real time against ever-changing odds through the phenomenon known as Live Betting Extra.

>BetAnySports Super Bowl 50 Betting Line:

In the NFL betting odds for Super Bowl 50, as they have been established at BetAnySports, the Panthers are the favorites:

Carolina Panthers -5.5
Denver Broncos +5.5

Over 44.5 points -110
Under 44.5 points -110

It would appear that for a team that is currently 17-1 straight-up, including playoff games, one wouldn’t have to strain himself too much to make a convincing argument. Simultaneously, Carolina has the top scoring offense in the league (31.2 points per game) and the most opportunistic defense, which has created a +28 turnover margin overall. Meanwhile, Denver has gone through a decidedly imperfect season, which has been low-lighted, for the most part, by Peyton Manning’s penchant for throwing interceptions. Well, when you have a team that has forced so many turnovers and a quarterback who has committed so many, it would seem to be something that fit like a glove when it comes to winning formula.

But we’re not finished.

Denver’s pass rush is going to have to hit a moving target for a change. This team went up against a couple of mobile quarterbacks, but not many who actually pulled the ball down and ran with it. In fact the total rushing yardage for all signal-callers during the 2015 season against them was 207. It would seem that Carolina and Cam Newton (636 yards, 10 rushing touchdowns) would want to give them a dose of something they have not gotten used to facing.

Defensively, the Panthers are also going to hit the Broncos with something that they don’t often see – interior line depth, and plenty of it. BetAnySports patrons should know that Denver not only wants to run the football, they need to, and they also need to create some time for Peyton Manning to operate in the pocket. Well, Carolina goes two-deep along the defensive line at every position. Those substitutes totaled 11.5 sacks this season, and these guys are always fresh upfront. Combine that with a linebacking group that includes Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, and you are going to have something that is very hard to penetrate.

Another thing you can’t ignore at all is the ability of this Carolina team to convert in the red zone. And generally speaking, this does not have anything to do with whether they have been granted a turnover by the opposition or not. When they get within the 20-yard line, they are like money in the bank. They score touchdowns 68.3% of the time, which is second best in the league, an average 5.54 points on those red zone trips, which makes them the most efficient team in the NFL from that standpoint.

We hope we helped you out a little.

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