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Online Sportsbook vs Local Bookmaker - 5 Reasons to Place Your Bets Online

football 41 - Online Sportsbook vs Local Bookmaker - 5 Reasons to Place Your Bets Online
Why Use an Online Sportsbook vs Local Bookmaker – that’s a great question for so many reasons . . . As it is asked just like this, the question addresses a concern on the part of people who may not be all that familiar with the way the online sportsbook world works. Folks like that are accustomed to a scenario by which they are probably placing their wagers with a local entity, whether it is big or small. They may be dealing with an “agent” or with the actual bookmaker himself. And this will invariably involve “person-to-person” contact with somebody. There is a certain kind of security in this because they actually get to SEE the individual they are doing business with.

Alternatively, when you go online you are having phone contact or placing bets on a website. So it is an entirely different atmosphere than one might find in the “physical” setting. Hence the unfamiliarity, and even the suspicion. But we can assure you that when you are doing business with a well-regarded institution like BetAnySports it is really no different than what you would be doing with your local bookmaker. In fact, it is WAY BETTER!

Benefits of the Online Sportsbook vs Local Bookmaker:

Here are five great reasons why you should give up on your local guy and place your bets with a reputable online bookmaker.

#1)Avoid the “Big Hole” – You can only bet with money you have on-hand.

With an online bookmaker you are putting funds forward, or “posting up” when you open up or replenish an account. And while this may be different, it does, at the same time, offer a bit of security in the sense that you are not going to lose more money than you already have (unlike a “credit” guy where you can wind up in a pretty big hole).

Of course, you must have the funds on hand. What you will do is play off those funds, but you will also have the opportunity to get a bonus that you will play though a number of times in order to cash it. This is called the “rollover” figure, and it is similar to the “wagering requirement” that is assessed in an online casino. So ultimately, it can give you a little extra to play with.

#2) The Online Sportsbook is Always Open for Business.

One tremendous advantage to the online sportsbook is the fact that it is always open for business. If you are dealing with an independent, physical entity, you know that they have certain hours when they are in the “office” taking calls. And if you missed them, well, it’s too bad. Such is not the case when you deal with offshore operations, particularly if you are placing wagers through the website. All you do is hop on the site and look over the list of opportunities, pick yours, and away you go. It is quick and easy.

#3) An Online Bookmaker Offers More Betting Choices.

And don’t get us started on the “selection.” You couldn’t possibly call up your “man” and get the full menu of choices read back to you that you would have access to with BetAnySports. It simply doesn’t work that way, because when you go online you will find an almost unending series of propositions on just about every game, not to mention things that your local fellow would never carry, like international soccer, golf matchups, NASCAR, adjusted lines on football, basketball, baseball and hockey, and the list goes on and on.

#4) Live In-Play Betting.

Standard bookmakers offer typical betting lines and props. Because there is no technology involved, there is no way them to offer more betting action as the game unfolds. With online bookmakers that offer In-Play betting, the action keeps coming as the game progresses in the form of updated betting lines, game totals and prop bets. Once you experience this, you will probably never bet “off-line” again.

#5) Anonymity.

As we mentioned earlier, some people are just more comfortable with a physical setting and the “eye to eye” feel of a local bookmaker. But, for those that want to avoid that sort of thing, an online bookmaker provides privacy and more. In fact, BetAnySports even allows you to use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. Now it doesn’t get any more anonymous than that!

There shouldn’t even be a question about this – switching to an online operation is the best thing you can do if you want to get the most enjoyment out of sports betting. Read our review of BetAnySports here or click on the banner below to join now!

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By Charles Jay