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Online Betting Advice - Smart Betting with Online Sportsbooks

Most bets have payouts comparable to their, as Mike Tyson would say, “ludicrosity.” For instance, if you put five bucks on a twenty team parlay to win a gajillion dollars, you obviously know your odds of winning are slim. Making smart bets is more about your own self control rather than the actual lines trying to bamboozle you.

Common Mistakes of New Players When Betting Online Sportsbooks

Remember, the favorite is the favorite because everybody, even the blind cripple with a watermelon for a brain, thinks they are going to win and usually win convincingly. If you ride favorites too often, you’re no better player than the blind cripple. Now that doesn’t mean you should bet on Geno Smith to lead the Jets past a team like the Patriots, but just be careful you’re not parlaying eight favorites together. The chances of eight favorites covering on the same day are as likely as Jean Claude Van Damme starring in a movie and not doing the splits.

Know When to Hedge When Betting Online Sportsbooks

Sometimes you can learn more by watching the first few minutes of a game then all the research in the world before it. Momentum, injuries, random riots and rape trials, can all effect the outcome of a game. Therefore, taking advantage of halftime and quarter lines can be a good way to hedge if you’re having second thoughts about a wager you placed. The same technique can be used as a wagering tool by simply playing the halftime lines rather than the game itself. The disadvantage of that being that sometimes the team you were looking to bet on may take a huge lead into the locker room.

Low Money Lines in Online Sportsbooks

Always take the points on a +3 or under money line. I know what you’re thinking. What are the chances the game will be decided by a few points? Trust me, it happens all the time, especially with teams that are relatively even. The extra 10 to 20% of cash isn’t worth the agony. It’s like playing slots and the wheels come up cherry, cherry, Jennifer Lopez. Don’t do it. Stop.

Look for Sucker Bets in Online Sportsbooks

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any sucker bets out there. It’s not uncommon to see teams out of the playoff race with odds to win the Super Bowl. In addition, many exotic props try to prey on the ignorant with lines like, “Bill Clinton to win 2008 election.” Strangely enough, despite needing a Constitutional amendment allowing third terms, Clinton’s odds were still slightly better than Al Sharpton’s. Hmmm…Bill Clinton, eh?…doesn’t sound too ludicrous anymore.

By William Lewis
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