NFL Betting – Coaches and the Animosity Factor

NFL Betting – Coaching Animosity Plays Differently in College and the Pros

You’ve seen it often in college football, where one coach who was on a much stronger side feels a certain incentive to run up the score rather gratuitously on an opponent that really can’t do anything to stop them. This could be caused by a number of different things, but sometimes it involves the motivation of that coach to “rub it in” because of some personality conflicts, or even flat-out revenge over something. In the college ranks, there is often a huge disparity in the level of strength the one team and another.

In pro football, it’s actually a little different, because well, everybody’s a professional, for one thing. Therefore, there are not as many “hopeless” teams, and fewer opportunities to deal out a gratuitous beating. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be some animosity on the part of one coach toward another.

Vietbet customers should remember that by the time these guys get to an NFL head coaching job, they have more often than not acquired a world of experience and come across a great number of colleagues along the way. In that process, not everybody is “best friends.” We would suggest that when these coaches are at the assistant level, they have many times been up for the same job, so one guy beats out the other guy for a job, and not everybody handles that with a lot of class.

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NFL Betting – Handicapping Coaches With Revenge on Their Mind

We have also seen times when coaches who are with the same team, but in charge of different units, have come into conflict. If you have any doubts about that, go take a look into past seasons of the HBO reality series “Hard Knocks.”

So how does this manifest itself into something you should figure into your handicapping formula? Well, it helps to know where these personality conflicts may lie if you are able to find out.

And you’re not going to find out by making a couple of phone calls unless you know some people who are insiders in the NFL. What you have to do is conduct as much research as is possible, and find out who may be feeling a little bit of a “payback” motive.

However, sometimes looking at this kind of thing and putting some weight on it doesn’t necessarily work.

I will give you an example. In the 2019 pre-season, Bruce Arians, who was in his first year as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, went up against Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Arians used to be an assistant on Tomlin’s staff in Pittsburgh, and he was rather unhappy about the manner in which he was let go. And there have been some public references to this, including some remarks by Arians himself.

Understand that in the pre-season, motivation sometimes means a lot, because one team absolutely has the ability to put their first-team players on the field against a team that might be playing reserves. So this would have presented Arians an opportunity to take advantage of that situation and stick the knife in a little, so to speak. Unfortunately, this team did not cover the spread.

And maybe this teaches us a lesson; even though you might want to be as informed as possible, and think that you have some information that the other football bettors are not advantaged of, perhaps a “revenge” factor that might be perceived may not mean as much to one of these coaches as you think.

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By Charles Jay

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