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How to Win at Online Sports Betting - Expert Tips and Advice

Football 53 - How to Win at Online Sports Betting - Expert Tips and Advice

Can I Make Money at Online Sports Betting?The Answer is YES! A Primer on How to Win at Online Sports Betting.

This question is asked rather frequently, and it’s a somewhat challenging one to answer. Yes, online sports betting is a different animal than traditional “in-person” betting. Ultimately, however, the fundamentals are the same; you have to be good enough to know what you’re doing in order to be a winner over the long haul. And that goes for whether you are doing business with an online sportsbook like BetAnySports, a Las Vegas sportsbook or your “local guy.”

How to Win at Online Sports Betting – You CAN win if:

  • You understand the value of the numbers
  • You know how to interpret data that comes your way
  • You know how to ascertain the key factors involved in a matchup between teams or individuals
  • You know how to manage money for the purposes of betting it
  • You know how to stay “in the game” psychologically; that is, you don’t lose your head

All of these things are important enough that they will require separate articles of their own, but we wanted to capsulize them here to illustrate that sports betting is sports betting, no matter where it is.

How to Win at Online Sports Betting – Shop Around and Look for the Highest Returns:

As far as the online sportsbooks are concerned, there are ways to help you facilitate getting a better return for yourself, where those things may not exist on any other “platform.”

One of the things is that doing business online makes it a lot easier for you to shop around for good prices. After all, it makes logical sense that if you have more outlets through which to make your sports wagers, one of those outlets is going to have the best price available to you. And one of the great things about BetAnySports is the fact that, more often than not, it has the best odds available for sports bettors. In fact, they’ll give you just about any line you are looking for on a game, and as far as the exotic wagers are concerned (i.e. parlays, teasers, reverses, etc.) they are as competitive as anyone when it comes to the payout.

How to Win at Online Sports Betting – Take Advantage of All Available Betting Options:

And with all of the options you are going to find available, like propositions, halftime lines, first halves and quarters, in addition to matchups on individual sports, futures and more, you are sure to find something you feel confident about getting the “edge” with.

Take Advantage of “Reduced Juice”

And then there is “reduced juice,” which can, over the course of time, add quite a bit of value to your wagering experience. Reduced juice allows the sports bettor to avoid having to lay the customary -110 (11-to-10) “juice” on a game, using a base of -105 instead. So you could find yourself laying -109, or -101, or anything in between, but you’ll save a little bit on each of those wagers. That means your break-even point will be lower than it would if you were laying -110 on everything.

Utilize “Free Bets” and Bonuses

You are also going to have a hard time finding a free play bonus with your local bookmaker or with a Las Vegas establishment. But at a place like BetAnySports, they will welcome you right in with the bonus offer. If you are able to achieve the “rollover,” all of a sudden you have some more bankroll to work with. And as anyone who engages in sports betting will tell you, every little bit helps.

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By Charles Jay