Has Belichick Hurt His Teams Chances For The Playoffs?

When was the last time a coach’s decision has created so much controversy, and what affect will it have on his team? The state of media today resulted in Belichick’s gamble in Sunday’s Patriot-Colt’s games final minutes taking up as much conversation on TV and radio as a Mid East crisis.

If the Browns, Raider or Redskin coach had made the same decision who would have paid much attention, except for the teams general manager, who might have fired the coach on Monday, but this was Belichick, with all those super bowl rings.

That big loss not only hurt a favorable Patriots position in the playoffs, but it kept Miami and the Jets within reach for the division title. Consider also the blow to the psyche of the Patriot’s defensive players. Manning is indisputably one of football’s all time greatest QB’s, but he is not indefensible, and would it not have been a better chance stopping him from 75-80 yards out, than 29? I would love to have have listened to the conversation in the Patriot’s locker room Sunday afternoon.

That same 4th down situation, around the middle of the field, earlier in the game, is attempted often during the course of a season, but with two minutes to go on your own 29??? Coach Belichick, you have given your detractors a lot of ammunition, not that you really care.