Football Betting - Keep an Eye Out For Teams That “Fade”

Football Betting and the syndrome of the “fading team”

Here I would like to talk for a moment about the syndrome of the “fading team” and what that should mean to your process in football betting. So what is a “fading team”? Well, generally we are talking about a team that is an underdog. If you notice, some teams can hang in there with an opponent in the first half of a game, but as the game progresses, they get worn down or otherwise falter in the second half, and what looked like a pretty sharp dog play after the first 35 minutes or so becomes a team that just “spits the bit” and drops another one against the number. More experienced customers who play at VietBet may have noticed these kinds of teams.

The way I figure it, there are a number of reasons for this:

Football Betting – How Does Fatigue Play into betting?

One of them is simply FATIGUE. Some teams are not well-conditioned and get very tired in the second half. Or they are playing well out of their class and encounter a team that is in better condition. This is something that is not as tangible as other factors. In other words, as you are analyzing a football betting scenario, it would be difficult to deconstruct to the point where you can isolate this as the reason that stands out above others that might contribute to it.

Much more tangible may be the LACK OF SIZE one team is saddled with. Generally speaking, I think it’s fair to say that the bigger programs have a tendency to get the bigger, stronger athletes on both sides of the interior line because that is one of the premium characteristics for those positions. Some teams are undersized and therefore can get worn out by an opponent that continues to pound the ball into the line. By the time the fourth quarter rolls around these teams are dragging themselves around the field. You can see this stuff in black and white before a game starts. Take a look at, say, the lineup of a Sun Belt Conference team across the offensive or defensive line and compare that to the Power 5 conference team they’re visiting on a given weekend in the early part of a season. They lack the size on a man-for-man basis, and VietBet customers should take our word for it; they are not making up for it with superior quickness.

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Football Betting – What About Lack of Depth?

One problem with a lot of schools from the non-power conferences is LACK OF DEPTH. When you get to the fourth quarter, and both teams might have their second or third-team players in the game, it is quite possible that there could be a bigger gap in quality at that level than with the respective first-team players, and that could make for a lead to be expanded, almost by “accident,” rather than some garbage time when one team could make the score closer and more respectable.

Football Betting – What About Winnability?

Some teams simply have NO “WINNABILITY”. Let’s characterize this is a team’s inability to find a way to win games. Maybe it’s a lack of heart, maybe a lack of leadership. They just panic, sometimes “choke” in the late going and get swallowed up in a “loser’s attitude” that invariably leads them to defeat. This could revert back to the coach as well.

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing these kinds of games in football betting is the difference between the teams who give up and the teams who won’t. These are things you can quantify if you take a look at the progression of their games, the depth chart, and perhaps the pointspread record of teams when they are catching two touchdowns or more, you might gain a little more insight to make your venture into football betting more fruitful.

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By Charles Jay

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