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Football Betting Advice – Metrics You May Want to Look At

Football Betting Advice – How To Handle All of the Data

We are living in a world of more and more data. There is more stuff being thrust upon us than ever before. Teams in football are starting to use it more and more, and it is also available to oddsmakers and to the people betting the games themselves. Still, the so-called advanced stuff is not necessarily always easy to find. And it’s not something you’re going to see in your local newspaper.

Don’t get us wrong; Vietbet customers and others can still find certain advanced statistics that can be useful in handicapping decisions, and when you become accustomed to using them, you’re going to understand how obsolete some of the “old school” numbers really are.

We look to certain examples there. For instance, while we know that if an NFL team allows, say, 3.3 yards per rushing attempt, they are doing a pretty good job. There’s not much of a way to “spin” your way out of that perception. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that team is going to be a winner. The New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were probably the two best teams at defending the run this season when you took a number of factors into account. Yet they both missed the playoffs. We are going to tell you something that might shock you – in the 2019 season, only one of the top ten teams in terms of yards per carry allowed made it to the playoffs (the Tennessee Titans).

How could this be? Well, because some of these defensive units are exploited, if you will, by a “funnel” mentality on the part of offenses. So for instance, maybe the Jets are so good at stopping the run, and allowing very few yards on the ground because the other teams are so successful in passing the football against them. In other words, the opponents is “funneling” their offensive efforts in another direction.

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Football Betting Advice – What Metrics Will Be Useful?

Statistics that might prove useful could include how well teams defend against attempts at “explosive” plays on the part of the opposition. This could be either a run or pass, although in most instances it would be the pass. So a secondary might be designed so that you can’t throw “over the top” on them. And that might thwart an opponent that normally thrives on doing that. But on the other hand, maybe that opponent excels in the short and mid-range passing game and playing a soft zone or a lot of deep coverage leaves them vulnerable underneath. That might mean it takes them more place to move down the field, but they have an easier time moving the chains.

One thing you might want to look at is the “run play percentage,” which indicates the frequency with which a team runs the football. Vietbet patrons who follow the NFL realize that it has become more and more of the passing game. In fact, by the close of the 2019 regular-season, only one team ran the ball more than it passed it (Baltimore, at 56%).

Still, teams that run the ball, say, 43% of the time or more have to be looked at closely because if they can excel in this area, it can make game planning difficult for defenses that have become more geared up for pass coverage. Besides, running the football frequently and showing the defense that you are willing to do it makes an opponent account for it, regardless of whether you are wildly successful or not.

Balance is always a valuable quality for a team to have. It makes them less predictable, and more problematic, especially for those defenses that allow a high rate of third-down conversions.

So that is one of the things to look for.

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By Charles Jay

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