Frequenty Asked Question (FAQ)

Why is it important to compare online sportsbooks before selecting one?

Not all online sportsbooks are reputable and they definitely do not provide the same level of service. Our site, focuses only on established, licensed sportsbooks to ensure security. Beyond that, we offer rankings of the online sportsbooks based on key variables that most people use in evaluating online sportsbooks.

What factors are used to compare the online sportsbooks?

Five important online sportsbook factors:

  • Online Sportsbook Bonuses – For example, how much of a bonus does the online sportsbook add to your sports betting account to entice you to join?
  • Online Sportsbook Years Open – This is used to help evaluate the online sportsbook’s experience in the business.
  • Online Sportsbook Sports Offered – An online sportsbook does not necessarily need all the sports in the world, just the ones you want to bet on.
  • Online Sportsbook By Country – Where are the operations of the online sportsbook?
  • Online Sportsbook Highest Overall Rating – In general, how do the online sportsbooks compare.
  • Just remember, the highest rated overall online sportsbook might not be the best in the factors that are most important to you.

Ten other online sportsbook factors detailed in the individual online sportsbook reviews:

  • Online Sportsbook Pros & Cons – What are the best and worst features of each online sportsbook
  • Online Sportsbook Referral Bonuses – How much the online sportsbook will add to your account to refer a friend
  • Online Sportsbook Deposit & Withdrawal Fees – How much does it cost you to open your online sportsbook account and access your sports betting funds?
  • Online Sportsbook Types of sports betting Wagers – From straight bets to exotic parlays
  • Online Sportsbook Languages Offered – What languages does the online sportsbook and sportsbook customer service offer?
  • Online Sportsbook Site Speed – As measured by Alexa.com (a web information company owned by Amazon.com)
  • Online Sportsbook Minimum Deposits – Amount required in your account to make your first wager
  • Online Sportsbook Summary & Detailed Reviews – Independent evaluations of the sites
  • Online Sportsbook Customer Support – How can you contact the bookmaker?
  • Online Sportsbook Recent Contests – Many sites offer daily or weekly prizes to encourage betting

What are the key factors in evaluating an online sportsbook?

This depends on what factors are important to you, as well as your level of experience in sports wagering. Many beginners are enticed to an online sportsbook by the sports betting bonuses and contests, without recognizing that an online sportsbook’s customer service and extent of betting information may be more important to them in the long-run. Others may feel more comfortable with an online sportsbook that has been in the sports betting industry for a long-time, and may even be a publicly-traded company. However, this level of experience may not be necessary for the security of your account and you may be paying for this extra comfort level in terms of higher fees. Our job at Bet Answers is to put the information at your fingertips, so you can make the best decision for yourself.

How did you collect the online sportsbook sports betting information?

Our team of online gamblers opened sports betting accounts and gambled with the various online sportsbooks and provided online sportsbook sports betting evaluations. The Content Production team then compared the online betting sites by using a consulting technique called ‘benchmarking.’ The term benchmarking means that in each category, we identify the best online sportsbook and compare the others to this highest standard. This enables the online gambler to subjectively decide what weight he wants to give each factor before making an online sportsbook decision.

What is your experience in the online sportsbook sports betting industry?

Our management team and our online gamblers and writers have over two decades of experience working in the sports gambling and online sports betting industries.