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Denver Broncos 2014-2015 Preview

By Will Button

Coming off of a tremendous regular season and a disappointing Superbowl loss, the Denver Broncos are looking to move past their late season issues and start the 2014-2015 season fresh. Many fans were disappointed with both the defensive and offensive efforts the Broncos displayed in the Superbowl, and while most have faith Peyton Manning will continue to perform well, some are looking toward off-season changes and new player acquisitions to help the Broncos succeed. bet365 currently lists them at 13/2 to win the Superbowl this season.

Defensive efforts have been an issue in the past for Denver, which is a severely over-looked side of the Broncos due to their strong offense. With losses such as corner back Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the off season saw Denver focusing on their defensive efforts. One of their top acquisitions came from New England, corner back Aqib Talib, who will look to give Denvers defense a boost. Denver will definitely be looking to fill the void left by Rodgers-Cromartie, so Talib will have his work cut out for him. Another newcomer to the team is defensive end DeMarcus Ware. Coming from the Dallas Cowboys, DeMarcus Ware had a somewhat disappointing season in 2013, with no forced fumbles and only 6 sacks, though he only played 13 weeks.

On the offensive side, Denver saw some losses during the off-season that made fans a bit worried. One of their key offensive losses was Knowshon Moreno, who had a tremendous 2013 season, running for 1038 yards and 10 touchdowns. To fill the void on the offensive side, new acquisitions like wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders will have to step it up. Sanders had a career high 67 receptions for 740 yards in the 2013 season, and is looking to bring his offensive prowess to Denver. Another wide receiver acquired, rookie Cody Latimer, will also be joining the Broncos growing offense. One of the largest losses in the off-season for Denver was wide receiver Eric Decker, acquired by the New York Jets. While Manning shattered records last season with his tremendous offensive efforts, he will definitely be looking to the newcomers to help move the ball efficiently.

Though many of the changes in the off-season look a bit worrisome for fans, the Broncos still have a lot to go on. Peyton Manning has consistently done well over the last several seasons. Though offensive changes might have the Broncos struggling to adjust initially, they should have no problems moving the ball against their opponents. Their defensive efforts in recent years have been a bit flighty, but their new acquisitions give fans hope that the Broncos defensive efforts will allow the offense more possession opportunities. The AFC West will most likely see Denver on top, though Kansas City and San Diego are definitely contenders for the Broncos to worry about. John Fox and his coaching abilities in Denver have definitely made an impact in the AFC West in recent years, and the 2014-2015 season should be no exception.

With several offensive changes and some promising new defensive acquisitions, Denver is looking poised to make another run at the Superbowl this year. Without a strong year, many fans are worried about where certain players might end up after the season ends, so the Broncos will definitely be playing hard and should show some promising results.