A Crystal Ball Needed for AFC West Teams

The AFC West division, which was written off in pre-season as the weakest in the entire NFL, has become arguably the toughest to figure out this 2009 NFL season.

Oakland beats the Bengals last Sunday and get taken to the woodshed by the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day. They also upset the Eagles earlier in the season in the midst of losing to everyone else. Beating 2 of the better teams in the NFL could never have been predicted.

Denver starts off the season with a 6 game win streak, which included victories over such 2009 elite teams as the Bengals, Cowboys, Patriots and Chargers. 4 straight losses follow, culminating with a beat down by the Chargers last Sunday, at home. They could not even score a touchdown. Who can have foreseen their domination of the Giants on Thanksgiving eve?

Now we come to Kansas City, with their 3-7 season record. Upsetting Pittsburgh, a 11.5 favorite, last week, 27-24 might have been the biggest shocker of this season. Which team will show up against the Chargers this coming Sunday in San Diego? The team that lost to the Chargers 37-7 at home in October, or the winners over the Super Bowl Champion Steelers. The Chargers are favorites by 14, over a team that beat the Steelers???

Get out that crystal ball!