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College Football Betting - Coaches On the Short End of Blowouts

When coaches wind up on the short end of blowouts in a college football betting situation, things can generally wind up going in one of two directions – either it’s going to get better, in the respect that it can begin to resemble something that is more competitive, or it can get worse, which means that he can more or less roll over and play dead. I almost wrote “dread” there, and that is what you do if you are betting an underdog with a coach who just can’t wait to board the bus for the airport when his team is getting embarrassed.

College Football Betting – How Coaches Handle Blowouts Key to Big Spreads

A lot of people will tell you to stay away from games in college football betting at VietBet where one team is favored by four touchdowns or more against another, and I can’t say that I blame them all that much. Once you get into a situation where the outcome is no longer in doubt, the philosophies of the teams and their coaching staffs come into play, and while everyone knows who is going to get the straight-up “W,” it provides for a tricky spot when the cover is literally up in the air.

When a game gets out of hand, some coaches become very indifferent as to what happens from that point forward. Understand that this doesn’t necessarily make a guy less of a coach. But when a team that is a big underdog starts to fall behind to the extent that it will not win a game, there are some coaches who keep on trying and leave the best players in the game, and there are others who aren’t so interested in going full out anymore, but prefer to play out the clock.

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College Football Betting – Big Underdogs Putting Food on the Table

VietBet patrons should remember that when an also-ran from the Sun Belt plays a team like Alabama or Nebraska, they are there for a reason. It’s not to win the game, or make you a college football betting winner, but to collect a payday as the visiting team. That’s why they are traveling. I spent a lot of years in the boxing business, and I would equate teams that got involved in this kind of activity (leading themselves to slaughter) as “opponents,” because they know what fate awaits them, but they are doing it anyway to “put food on the table,” figuratively speaking.

College Football Betting – Big Underdog Coaches Want to Protect Their Players

A coach who winds up on the short end of a blowout in the second half may not want to risk injuries to his key people in such a meaningless scenario, and so he puts the substitutes in when the game is out of reach. Believe me, when the second team goes in there, things have the potential to get a whole lot worse.

College Football Betting – Watch Out for Garbage Points and Moral Victories!

On the other hand, there are coaches who never say die. They are going to keep kids in there because it’s a learning experience for them. They will make every attempt to put points on the board until the bitter end, and often they are able to score some “garbage” points that might, in the end, make the difference between a ridiculous score and a backdoor cover for you in college football betting. If there is a tremendous disparity between the “size” of one program and another, there is a “moral victory” one might be able to get out of these circumstances, and the coach may try to use that to build on in the coming weeks, as the schedule gets a little more palatable. We’re not here to tell you whether any of these philosophies are right or wrong, but that it makes sense, if you are inclined to consider an underdog who is catching a lot of points, to understand what the attitude of the coach is, because it allows you to take a college football betting approach that is much more sensible.

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