Dereck Chisora vs Tyson Fury

Boxing Betting – Dereck Chisora battles Tyson Fury in rematch for heavyweight belts July 26

By Ian Palmer

The 12-round bout is for Chisora’s WBO International and European Heavyweight titles as well as the vacant British belt. It’s also a rematch of their 2011 meeting which Fury won by a unanimous decision for the British and Commonwealth titles. Fury had hoped to take on former world champion and fellow Briton, David Haye in a big-money showdown, but Haye pulled out. Chisora is trying to get his career back on track after a couple of losses and having his boxing license suspended in Britain for engaging in a press conference brawl with Haye in 2012.

The undefeated 25-year-old Fury will enter the ring with a perfect record of 22-0 along with 16 Kos while the 30-year-old Chisora, who was born in Zimbabwe, is 20-4 and has 13 Kos to his name. Chisora is on a bit of a roll at the moment with five straight wins and four of them by way of knockout since losing back-to-back fights with Vitali Klitschko and Haye in 2012. Chisora’s last bout was back in February when he beat American Kevin Johnson by unanimous decision.

The last time Fury stepped in the ring was also in February when he beat Joey Abell by a fourth-round TKO. However, Chisora definitely has the momentum going into this fight while Fury has fought just twice in the past 17 months and just once in 2013. This should give Chisora some confidence as well as a slight physical and mental edge. He’s also faced tougher opponents during his career which gives him the edge in experience.

The biggest and perhaps only advantage Fury will take into the ring with him is his size. He stands 6-feet-9-inches tall and has an 85-inch reach while Chisora’s just over 6-foot-1 with a 74-inch reach. Fury may arguably have more power than Chisora, but that could be an illusion since he’s taken on inferior opponents. When it comes to their chins and the ability to take a punch, Chisora was stopped by Haye in five rounds and Fury has been dropped a few times during his career.

Fury’s jab is a decent weapon due to his size and his combination punching isn’t too bad. He has some rhythm, but leaves his chin out for opponents to nail him. Fortunately for him, he’s able to recover quickly after he’s been decked. Chisora isn’t a big heavyweight and is used to bobbing and weaving to take into and out of punching range. He’s quite effective when he can work his way inside, which is something he’ll definitely have to do against the gigantic Fury. Chisora likes to brawl though and oftentimes forgets about his boxing skills. If he decides to go toe-to-toe against Fury he’ll have a 50/50 chance since one of them will likely drop.

Fury has beaten Chisora once and that should count for something. However, he hasn’t really changed his style since their first meeting while Chisora has. Chisora has also been in better condition for his recent fights while Fury has been gradually adding pounds to his frame. Fury will go into the bout as the slight betting favourite, but he should definitely have a tougher time with Chisora this time around. Chisora will need to keep the pressure on Fury right from the opening bell and make sure he doesn’t allow his opponent to find his rhythm.

Chisora will also have to work his way inside and go to Fury’s body and then go to the head when Fury’s hands come down. Things could get rough and perhaps a little bit ugly if Fury becomes frustrated and a knockdown or two certainly isn’t out of the question. Sooner or later the two will go toe-to-toe and trade shots and when they do it could end right then and there. However, if it goes to the scorecards look for Chisora to take a close decision.