2013 NFL Free Agency Top 5 RB Free Agents

Keeping right along with the 2013 NFL free agency, the Top 5 RB free agents is next on our list.

This is where you’ll find the Top 5 WR Free Agents.

The Top 5 RB free agents are pretty easy to identify. The only real issue is figuring out who is the best option to round out at “number five.” After that, the floor literally drops in regard to overall talent.

The RB free agency, however, should attract plenty of customers either way. Each of the RB needy teams possess unique desires which could make for some interesting acquisitions.

Side Note: These players will be listed in a “rank” style based on a combination of overall potential and market popularity.

Let’s take a sneak peak at the Top 5 RB free agents, and what we could expect this weekend.




Steven Jackson STL I like Jackson more than most people do. I know he isn’t the same guy, I know he’s getting old and I know there’s a lot of mileage on the chassis but I still believe he holds a slight edge in worth over the other five, especially if he lands with the right team. Jackson doesn’t want to play in a RBBC role and the Rams have suggested such an approach for 2013. He feels there’s plenty left in the tank and wants to continue being a sole-starter. I would LOVE for the Packers to take a chance on him, but also expect Atlanta to give him a hard look as well. They won’t be the only teams mentioned this weekend.
Ahmad Bradshaw NYG He’s young, fast, shifty and unusually powerful, so why not “number one”? Well, simply put, I’m not convinced the guy can stay healthy. Even as of right now, Bradshaw is not 100 percent recovered from his foot surgeries (plural!). He’s been “medically cleared” to talk and visit other teams…the two are NOT the same in regard to terminology. He’s bound to be the first to get plucked off the market. The Jets, Bengals and Steelers could all be top suitors moving forward.
Reggie Bush MIA Reggie Bush is not expected to return to Miami, but he is expected to find a home quickly. The only issue with Bush is he’ll have to land in the RIGHT home in order to be effective. Bush is not a power runner, so forget the Jets and Atlanta. The Bengals and Packers could be the two top teams here considering their need for a hybrid RB that can run, catch and block.
Rashard Mendenhall PIT Mendenhall is the most interesting player of the bunch. He’s still relatively young, but injuries and performance struggles may limited just who finds him useful. Mendenhall is a lot like most of the other backs in this year’s market in the sense that the right home will do him a lot of good, while the wrong home will basically kill his potential. It’s a shame really, because he is the perfect fit for Pittsburgh’s zone-blocking scheme. Arizona has been pegged as a possible suitor, and I think GB kicks the tires on him as well.
Michael Turner ATL Yes, that’s right I think Turner is undervalued and is better than any other RB I could put here at five. I told you number five wasn’t easy. Look Turner has lost a step, yes, but the man also played through two injuries in back to back seasons (2011 and 2012) which is bound to hamper ANY RB. In addition to that, Atlanta emphasized the pass more in 2012 which short-changed Turner’s role. You can say Turner is done after looking at a stat-line only, but in reality I think there’s a little left in the tank. There won’t be many suitors, but in the right system he has the ability to make a lot of “experts” look really inaccurate.

Other Number 5 Candidates:

Danny Woodhead, NE: Expected to be re-signed.
LaRod Stephens-Howling, ARI: Was erxpected to be re-signed, but hasn’t been contacted by the new regime in nearly two months.

Honestly, that’s it. There are a ton of other RBs but I really don’t see any of them being big players. Perhaps Shonn Greene of the Jets, but that’s a big if.

Stay tuned as the weekend will conclude with the TEs and QBs.

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